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Inwood Manhattan Movie

by admin - November 29th, 2014

Yes, there’s going to be an Inwood Manhattan Movie and Heartina is going to be in it.

For those of you not familiar with the Magic Neighbors puppets, Heartina is a fave of many.

Heartina, like her name implies, is the heart of Inwood Manhattan. She is all things warm and fuzzy.

The story of the Inwood Manhattan motion picture is that it is about the unique entrepreneurship ventures of the Inwood Manhattan area.

Inwood Manhattan

by admin - January 3rd, 2014

Manny Ramirez (not the baseball player) is very Inwood. Inwood Manhattan that is. In fact he grew up in this Northern NYC area of the Big Apple.

how did Houdini die

by admin - April 22nd, 2012

How did Houdini die? Getting to the truth behind the demise of Harry Houdini is an especially relevant query when it comes to Inwood Manhattan because this is where Bess Houdini lived for the last decade of her life. Bess had made a pact with the master escape artist to try to contact him from beyond the grave if he passed away first. Houdini was the first to leave his earthly coils. And while living in Inwood Bess tried to reach him. Unfortunately Bess was never successful – or was she? There was a seance held at her house at 67 Payson (Inwood-ites know Payson well) where¬†Arthur Ford of the First Spiritualist Church of New York supposedly cracked the code. Though it was later proven to be a fake. But this still doesn’t answer the question how did Houdini die? Not the water torture cell as seen in the Houdini movie with Tony Curtis. And maybe not even the punch in the stomach. We may never know the actual 100 percent accurate details of how Houdini died.

inwood church easter egg hunt

by admin - April 7th, 2012

The Inwood Church Easter egg hunt was today and it was wonderful. A real family affair for Northern NYC. Very well organized – there was something for everyone. My three year old daughter took her first steps to learning the hula hoop as well as gathered two plastic eggs with treats inside at the hunt. Inwood Manhattan is a great place for toddlers. And unbeknownst to many, there were members of the Platinum Pias Awards nominating committee present.