Distance Learning and the Virus

The Approach to School has Changed

Inwood Manhattan is adjacent to the probably better known Washington Heights neighborhood marked by the George Washington Bridge. Although we live in Inwood, our daughter’s school location was just around the corner from the bridge. Although it has only been a matter of months, our daughter going to a school location seems like something from the distant past.

Online Education Approach

Last night parents received a very moving video from the school about the distant learning program they have been doing. Aside from fighting to not go into total waterworks mode (our close to teen daughter rolls her eyes when my wife and I cry), the video was amazing. In a very short time the school has embraced remote learning and figure out a way to do it that makes it clear that our daughter is getting a good education despite doing everything online. Also, we now better understand why our daughter took to learning on her Chromebook so well. Her school has created an extraordinary online education approach.

Education Journey

The school is teaching her math, science, social studies and yes, art, in a way that is vibrant with teachers and administrators who really care. The sense of community online that they have developed make my wife and me rest easy. Since the three of us are all living under one roof, we’ve heard our daughter’s end of school by listening to her voice during class coming from her room. Now we have a more complete picture and feel very grateful and blessed to be a part of this educational journey.