Yianni Stamas, Living in Upper NYC, Takes a Look at Celebrations

A New York Neighborhood

The publication you are reading right now, “Inwood Manhattan,” has for quite some time been bringing you news from areas here in this unusual New York neighborhood.

Today January 6th

Today is known as “Epiphany” in some cultures and countries including Columbia, Austria, Croatia, Columbia, Cyprus, Ethiopia and Poland.

Three Kings’ Day

January 6 is, in some countries, called Three Kings’ Day or the “Feast of the Epiphany.”


Before there was Christmas, Epiphany was celebrated and is one of the oldest Christian feasts, in existence since the end of the second century.

Winter Solstice

Did you know that as early as 1996 BCE, the Egyptians celebrated the winter solstice complete with a tribute to Aeon (one of the orders of spirits, or spheres of being, that came forth from the Godhead). Interestingly enough, this holiday was established prior to the Gregorian calendar’s introduction. How will you celebrate today, January 6th?!

Inwood Manhattan Saved by a Hand?

A Revolution Kicked in the Face?

Why are arts in the USA floundering? Where is the USA Creativity. Where is the Inwood Manhattan creativity for that matter? It could all be so beautiful, but money and lack thereof is what stands in the way of the USA Creativity Revolution.

Birthplace of the City

Inwood of NYC is the area that is on the Northern tip of the island that allegedly is the birth place of the city. There is even a monument to this effect in Inwood Hill Park.

Are you, Well, Listening?

And yet with all the force that could be derived through this fact, the creative will is not strong. People have lost faith in creativity and ultimately don’t believe, don’t participate, lets it die. USA Creative is on its death bed doing it’s best to be heard. Are you listening?!

Inwood NYC Action Plan on Academy Street Manhattan

Parents and their Children

Many parents are worried for their children in the big changes that are coming to Inwood soon. The community is being changed virtually entirely.

The Changes Over the Years in Inwood Manhattan

Inwood Manhattan used to have a mixture of Jewish, Irish and Greek immigrants several generations ago but now it is a largely Dominican neighborhood.” And there is a rezoning issue fueled by $200,000,000 of government money.

Two Sides

Some think the rezoning of the neighborhood is good, while others do not. There is fear on all sides. Folks who have been living in Inwood Manhattan are afraid they’ll lose their homes whereas developers and some residents think the neighborhood needs to be transformed. Thankfully Inwood Manhattan has Lights Camera Read to help keep the peace.

Assurances Given

There is assurance being given though that the investment will be used to build affordable homes, upgrade parks and connect the Harlem River waterfront to Inwood.

How about the Library?

There is another issue that some Inwood Manhattan residents are not happy about. It is the tearing down Inwood’s current library and putting a new state of the art one in its place


There was a petitiion that was created to fight these changes – including the library – but the developers won out. Whether most people will ultimately like these changes is yet to see. “In the end it is all about the children,” says the editor of Manhattan Kids Guide.

Will the Arts Thrive?

One aspect of developers’ promises has some people excited about the prospect there being built a performing Arts Center. This center will celebrate immigrants who have made such a difference in this community.


The claim is that the Inwood NYC action plan was the result of years of work as well as extensive interaction with the existing community. Is this true? Developer claim that a City Team led by NYCEDC were responsible for this neighborhood engagement. Apparently there were over 25 bilingual public events, stake holder meetings and workshops.

Who are the 2,500?

As a long time resident of Inwood we were not invited to any of these happenings so one wonders how the developers contact (they claim) over 2,500 people from the neighborhood. Not once did we receive any literature about this nor received fliers in the streets. How were these so called 2,500 people engaged? If so, was it a positive and inclusive process?

What’s Your Opinion?

What do you feel about the changes in Inwood Manhattan. Contact and let us know if you think that this is a good thing or not for our children.

Creative Process in Inwood Manhattan

How to Get New Customers

Our congratulations go out to the new website “How to Get New Customers” for the great work they’ve done with ACAS that stands for the “Automatic Customer Acquisition System.” We here in Northern Manhattan know how difficult it can be to see something through, especially when it explores new territory.

An Incredible Project

Before HowToGetNewCustomers.com was born, the originator of the site along with Lights, Camera, Read worked for several months on the ACAS project determined to uncover a way of getting clients or at least warm leads through an automatic system. I was intrigued by the idea and offered to help at no cost. I sat through many a session where not a lot of work got done.

The Breakthrough Was Due to the Website

Strangely enough it wasn’t until the How to Get New Clients site debuted that much advancement had been made on the undertaking.

Sometimes Calm, Meditative Thinking is Needed

If any of you reading this live in Inwood Manhattan then you know what I mean when I say it can be a calm and tranquil place. It is the last place in Manhattan, NY where “woods” exist and it is possible to walk through them while meditating and thinking. In fact there is a meditation group in Inwood as well as the opportunity to take Yoga in the park.

Thinking, Thinking, Always Thinking

I mention all this because thanks to prodding from Lights, Camera, Read, I would often go and meditate or do yoga or even get “lost” in the woods racking my brain attempting to uncover the key to have an online system that could scope out your perfect demographic without you having to do a thing.

Piecing it Together a Little at a Time

I wasn’t able to ever come up with something solid. Of course there were little ideas here and there, but none of them really connected or got me any closer to being able to acquire customers on autopilot.

Finally On to Something

Then How to Get New Customers was born and that changed everything. Maybe we started to get lucky with ideas because of the fact that it was a website with the name that stood for what we were searching for. Possibly there was some kind of unconscious thing going on. Who knows. But it didn’t really matter. We were making progress! Yes we were finally on to something!