Despite Mask Issues, Inwood Manhattan is a Good Neighborhood to Weather the Pandemic Storm

A Good Place to Seek Solace

Although the youth community in our neighborhood seem to have a less than 50% compliance of wearing masks, by all accounts it turns out that Inwood Manhattan has been, and continues to be, a good place to seek refuge from the Pandemic. Yes, nearby Washington Heights has had some of the highest numbers of New Yorkers catching the Coronavirus (as compared to other parts of New York), Inwood has been spared much of that. Inwood has been a place that, even though we have had a few outdoor shootings near our apartment (leading to deaths), we avoided having to undertake the drama and abandonment that more expensive areas (like midtown) did.

Times Square Ghost Town

As I have said numerous times in other blogs, my experience of walking through the ghost town of Times Square for a series of dental appointments, was chilling. All the tourists and locals had vanished. We used to live close to Time Square and I can attest to it prior being packed with people. I used to get frustrated daily with tourists who would, on crowded walkways, literally stop walking with their backs to me, so they could look upward at the billboards and buildings. I always recognized though that these individuals with their purchases helped to keep the area afloat.

Rarely Going Out

Now in our Inwood getaway, month after month, we have remained indoors, only going for the occasional walk to the park, or things such as what I did yesterday which was to mail a letter in the nearby post office bin.