Time to Take School Tours in Inwood
Time to Take School Tours in Inwood

Alison Stamas is an Inwood Manhattan mother as well as co-artistic director of the Magic Neighbors theatre company. She is pictured to the left with her daughter Lily dropping of clothes at George Washington High School for displaced victims.

New Yorkers have been facing a lot of challenges lately and Alison wants to remind parents that even with everything on our plates, if you have a child in Inwood, now is the time to take school tours.

Listed below are some of the schools and their contact information that parents might be interested in for their Inwood Manhattan child. These are just some of the options in District 6. A special thanks to the YM & YWHA of Washington Heights and Inwood for making this information available at their annual education fair.

The Paula Hedbavny School
PS/MS 278
“Great Staff, Great Students, Great Expectations!”
Maureen Guido, Principal
Lillian Reyes, Assistant Principal
Kindergarten – 8th Grade
421 West 219th Street
New York, NY 10034
Tel: (212) 942-3440
Fax: (212) 942-8177

Muscota New School
Camille Wallin, Executive Principal
4862 Broadway
New York, NY 10034
Tel: (212) 544-0614
Fax: (212) 544-2678

Hamilton Heights School, PS 368
Nicky Rosen, Principal
1750 Amsterdam
New York, NY 10031
Tel: (212) 862-9940

Castle Bridge School
Sharing Space with P.S. 128
Pre-K through fifth grade
Julie Zuckerman, I.A. Principal
560 West 169th Street
New York, NY 10032
Tel: (917) 576-2073
Tel: (212) 740-4701

The Professor Juan Bosch School
PS 178
“A Community of Learners”
Deidre Budd, Principal
12-18 Ellwood Street
New York, NY 10040
Tel: 212-569-0327
Fax: 212-560-0389

The Amistad Dual Language School
La Escuela Amistad de Dos Idiomas
Miriam Pedraja, Principal
Zoraida Hernandez, Assistant Principal
4862 Broadway
New York, NY 10034
Tel: (212) 544-8021
Fax: (212) 569-7765