Inwood Manhattan – A Website Reborn

Inwood Manhattan Bridge
Bridge Seen from Inwood Hill Park

After being situated for many years online in an html incarnation, the website – Inwood, Manhattan – is reborn with WordPress. The idea is to create a more easy to update format that in turn will allow us to bring you the latest of what is happening with this remarkable NYC community.

The Inwood, Manhattan website was originally developed to document the events and activities in Inwood that were produced by Lights Camera Read and other community organizations.

The bridge seen in this blog entry can be viewed from Inwood Hill Park. This park is where the Shorakkopoch Rock is located that marks the area that, according to legend, is where Peter Minuit bought Manhattan, NY (then called New Amsterdam) in 1626 from Native Americans. The purchase price was a shipment of goods worth 60 guilders that at the time was the equivalent of about 24 dollars.