Inwood Manhattan and Your Computer

Being based in Inwood Manhattan is an interesting experience. You kind of get the best of both worlds. Just a few short blocks away are trees in the last existing forest in Manhattan while simultaneously you have all the amenities of being in a large city such as cultural access.

I spend a lot of time on the computer. I love it though. It is a constant artistic exploration that never ends and holds all the secrets to whatever you want to accomplish in your life.

My brother has a similar relationship to computers but he lives 3,000 miles away in Cali. Computers allow us to communicate, me in New York City and him in North Fork.

One use of computers that my brother and I have for many years talked about per computers, is the idea of monetizing your life. Turning everything you do into a “How To” video or eBook to be sold as a course.

And when you think about it reality TV is monetizing your life. And if you get popular enough like the Kardashians you get endorsement deals for things you do and use in your everyday life.

Even though as my friend (who’s been on a lot of reality shows) says “There’s nothing real about reality TV,” you are kind of living a staged version of your life when you’re a reality star.

And even writers monetize their lives. They convert their lives into books, plays and movies, sometimes hiding behind metaphors and character name changing. But they say all writing is autobiographical if you look between the lines.

And now there are all kinds of reality shows where someone monetizes their life and vocation. Have you seen the one called “Dr. Pimple Popper?” She squeezes people’s skin lumps for a living and now gets residual income and promotion from monetizing her life and profession on TV.

But probably the best and easiest form of monetizing your life is our Online Marketing Tip for today. This simple to do (if you are consistent) approach is to become a YouTuber.

Just start filming and narrating your life and be on the lookout for products, services and location tie-ins. In other words, once you begin to get big viewership numbers, you can get paid for using stuff and going places.

And the truth is that if you shoot and edit a video a day and do co-promotions with other YouTubers (especially influencers of course) you’re going to be on your way. So the tip for today is to prop your mobile phone on some books or something and begin to…Monetize your life!

Oh, and if you’re looking for somewhere to live, try Inwood Manhattan!