Inwood Manhattan from Houdini to LCR

LCR and Magic Neighbors

If it weren’t for living in Inwood Manhattan my family and I probably would have never formed Lights Camera Read or started the theater group Magic Neighbors. And as many of you know, Lights Camera Read has evolved into a source of eBooks.

Stepping In

Lights Camera Read came out of need in terms of creating the best for our then, toddler daughter. We knew that someone needed to step in and organize parents and their young children, so that’s what we did.

The Birth of a Nonprofit Sponsored Organization

We started an email list and had a launch event with over a hundred people showing up in costume for a parade on Broadway through town covered by New York 1. Lights Camera Read eventually evolved into a nonprofit sponsored organization at the library where lights and cameras and reading all came into play.

Getting Out the Message

This was manifested in the form of the library theater group called Magic Neighbors, that through performance and video encouraged kids to read. The group traveled initially to the Inwood Public Library and eventually to other branches citywide.

The Mission Continues

As our daughter got older we created events for older children. We also began to uncover the rich history that Inwood Manhattan had. Also as our daughter grew, we realized that one of the greatest things we could do with Lights Camera Read was to not just depend on the library, but create eBooks ourselves that couldn’t be found there.

A Chance Tie to a Conjuring Legacy

Being that I sometimes go by the moniker of “Manhattan Magician,” as mentioned in this blog before, I was thrilled to discover that within blocks of our home was the house that Bessie Houdini occupied after Harry died. This was pure coincidence and was not planned.

New Activities

But recently, now that our daughter is even older, we’ve closed many of the activities of Lights Camera Read, including shows with Magic Neighbors. Our daughter is interested in a whole new slew of things including Harry Potter Books, Minecraft and “Dungeons and Dragons.”

Still Connected

Even though Lights Camera Read and Magic Neighbors are currently in holding pattern we still, as a family, continue to explore the wonders of Inwood Manhattan, including trips to the various parks and participating in outdoor yoga.

Magic Manifested in Different Forms

As summer comes to a close Manhattan Magician gets ready to take on his new volunteer job as the writer of reports for submission to a conjurer’s trade publication for an international prestidigitation organization.

And the Thread Goes On

Magic, Inwood and the library continue to be a big part of our family’s lives together.