Inwood Manhattan is Where the Platinum PIAs Started

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Inwood Manhattan: Where the Platinum PIAs Were Born

The Platinum PIAs Awards Show was first conceptualized in Inwood Manhattan. But the awards themselves actually occurred for the first time live and in person at Robert De Niro’s Tribeca Screening room and lounge. Other locations included off-off Broadway theaters and even the DC TV Community Center (2016 and 2017).

The 10 Annual Platinum PIAs Awards Show is Coming Up Soon

Yes it’s magic time again. Time for you to nominate and vote for your favorite ArtisticPreneur who is making a difference in her or his community. And it doesn’t have to just be in NYC, you can literally choose folks from all over the world, especially since we’ve been doing the international online version of the Platinum PIAs for the last few years (as opposed to live and in person).

Nomination and Voting

Some of the individual who have been nominated thus far are quite interesting. Turns out there are a lot of creative people on the planet who are also simultaneously helming their artistic career as an entrepreneur (or ArtisticPreneur).

Just Paste and Send

Even though we haven’t said so officially, the easiest way to nominate or vote for someone is (if you’re reading this in newsletter form) is to paste a link in your email and hit “send.” It’s really that easy. But sooner is better than later because we really only have a little over a month since this year’s festivities will be in April.

Thanks for Your Participation!

Our gratitude goes out to the many people who over the past years have been a part of the Platinum PIAs experience starting in 2010. It’s amazing to us that we’re about to celebrate our tenth annual Platinum PIAs Awards program. Your participation is the best part of the Platinum PIAs process.