Victor Verhaeghe, who is probably best known as an actor for his work in Spielberg’s “Bridge of Spies” and HBO’s “Boardwalk Empire,” has made a short film series. He is a Platinum PIAs nominee for the series. The series is called “What If” and takes on the controversial and important issue of gun control. Here is Mr. Verhaeghe in his own words:

“Hi I’m Victor Verhaeghe, I’m an actor/writer/producer here in Inwood.

I’m talking about a project that I’ve started called “What If.” What if we tried love.

We’re making a series of videos on this subject. It’s a response to the gun violence that has been so prevalent in our society recently.

I believe there is an approach and I believe love is it.

I don’t believe you can fight violence with more violence. I don’t believe we can take the attitude of the NRA and the right wing which is that more guns will solve the problem.

I believe that’s absolutely insane to think that way. But I do think we need to combat this central issue which is how to curb violence of all kinds.

And so our project is a series of comedic videos, on this subject which is not a funny subject, but we’re going to try to reach people with humor. With love, with compassion, with empathy. And to share stories that people can identify with. And hopefully we can reach people to think before acting.

Because in that is the central issue. Because how do you stop yourself or stop someone else from using a gun, or using anything in violence? So we’re trying to reach people with love, that’s the project, the “What If” project.”