Things are Getting Worse and Worse

Even way North up here in Inwood Manhattan, “home” is not as safe as it once was. When we first lived here we focused on community. We united the 100 or so families here who had young children as we did at the time with our then toddler daughter. But this is no longer possible. At least not everyone will not come together. There are fractures in the neighborhood and it is very sad.

Most are planning how they will escape New York. We are even semi feeling that way. The hope is there to Save NYC Together like a new website we are developing. But is this really possible with the hate and unrest on the streets?

Everyone is terrified that they are next on the hit list. This is what war looks like in America. Civil war. If we look back at the lyrics in music even twenty or more years, we will see that this revolution has been being planned for a long time and when the opportunity presented itself, it was jumped on.

Now that work and meetings can be done remotely, the rich and those who can afford it, are bailing out in droves.

We’re not sure how much longer we can hold on, or even where we would go if we left. It is near impossible to figure out an alternative as compared to our “Big Apple” of old. But the new is here. And it is violent and unafraid to use this violence. We will hold on as long as we can but if violence hits us directly, we will leave with everyone else.