Washing Our Hands Like Everyone Else

Living on the Edge

Yes, those of us here at the tip top of Manhattan, NY, have to wash their hands too.  Outside is deathly quiet, which is odd for this urban environment. You can’t purchase groceries from any one of the 9 different grocery delivery surfaces. Everything is booked up so we’re living on our wits to some extent.

Maybe Outside is No so Bad

Lots of indoor time which as an introvert isn’t so bad, but even for those of us who prefer inside to outside getting a little Vitamin D wouldn’t be bad.

Wash those Hands

But as New Yorkers we’re, most of us, waiting it out. There are those who escaped from the city to go to their Hamptons summer house. I imagine it won’t be easy in Strong Island either, because there won’t be as much availability. Wait. What did I just say? We are now living in the city where we can’t even get groceries. If only we could wash our hands of it.