Yianni Stamas, Living in Upper NYC, Takes a Look at Celebrations

A New York Neighborhood

The publication you are reading right now, “Inwood Manhattan,” has for quite some time been bringing you news from areas here in this unusual New York neighborhood.

Today January 6th

Today is known as “Epiphany” in some cultures and countries including Columbia, Austria, Croatia, Columbia, Cyprus, Ethiopia and Poland.

Three Kings’ Day

January 6 is, in some countries, called Three Kings’ Day or the “Feast of the Epiphany.”


Before there was Christmas, Epiphany was celebrated and is one of the oldest Christian feasts, in existence since the end of the second century.

Winter Solstice

Did you know that as early as 1996 BCE, the Egyptians celebrated the winter solstice complete with a tribute to Aeon (one of the orders of spirits, or spheres of being, that came forth from the Godhead). Interestingly enough, this holiday was established prior to the Gregorian calendar’s introduction. How will you celebrate today, January 6th?!