Are the Fireworks a Part of a Conspiracy?


If you live in Upper Manhattan or Harlem or nearby, all you need is to hear the word “Fireworks” and you’re likely to start ranting. What is up with all these explosions going on in our neighborhood of Washington Heights/Inwood in Manhattan, NY?

How the Quality?

The weird thing is that although kids do this kind of thing annually, the quality of their wares this time around have gone up immensely.  While before it used to be a couple of sparklers and a handful of low end firecracker, in the summer of 2020 it’s been very high end product, being set off on a schedule.

The Kids are All Right?

We’ve noted that they generally start at 9:30pm and then continue at least once every hour up until 3am or so. How are the neighborhood kids getting access to these better quality pyrotechnics?

A Prelude to Danger?

Some in our hood think that the police are supplying the kids with the explosives to prove how they are needed to clean up the neighborhood. Or there are those who speculate that maybe it’s the protestors, looters and vandals bringing chaos to the neighborhood so that when real guns start going off, we’ll just think it’s the cherry bombs and so on.

It’s a Mystery

What do I think? I really have no idea. It is a mystery though how the quality of these bursts of flames in the sky as well as the noise pollution it brings can be afforded by those setting them off?! Also, why on a schedule every night?  And how come many, many more than usual. What do you think? Let us know!