Oops, Talking About Marketing Again…


Yes, Inwood is in Manhattan, and Just Over the Bridge is the Bronx

We know that people sometimes find themselves on this website, without necessarily searching for a blog like this one. And as a result of this, we do try to give people seeing this site for the first time, a quick rundown of what we are doing. Inwood Manhattan is a section of Manhattan that not everyone knows about because it is very North of 42nd Street and Midtown. Inwood is actually a pretty neat place with beautiful parks and resources for residents.

Entrepreneurial Magnet

We are currently writing this post to open the door part way on an educational digital product that we have in development but are by no means certain that we will go public with what we are creating. Inwood Manhattan is a place filled with small business entrepreneurs. Unfortunately, COVID did put out of business some of these shops and retail locations. And we are in touch with the website just over that nearby bridge, Bronx News NYC.

COVID Impact

But there still remains a pretty amazing group of those who are still doing what they are doing, and in a few instances, even flourishing.

New Solutions for Awareness Building

We have empathy for small business owners because we have had several experiences with this area over the years. At the moment we are working on what we are currently calling “Campaigns without Ads.” This just a development name, meaning it might not be the one that we use if we do take steps toward making it and other educational products available.


The concept of this digital info product came from knowing that many entrepreneurs find them to be too expensive and they do not always work. Although we are not suggesting that small business owners stop using this promotional tool entirely, we are just suggesting to owners that having other effective ways of doing things that are low or no expense is worth looking into.

Give Them What They Want

We’ll keep you posted about this either here on this site or others of the approximately 59 sites. If you are a business owner we thank you for being a resource for your community. And if you are developing an entrepreneurial idea, if you have something that people want and you give it to them, the more success you will have.